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Tribute Bands/Shows - Back

Limelight as Rush
Limelight is a four-member Rush tribute band based in Ottawa. The four members that make up the group are among some of the most talented and experienced musicians in the Ottawa area. Together they present an exciting and authentic performance of Rush's material.

Little Bones as The Tragically Hip
Little Bones was formed in February 1992, by established musicians from the Ottawa area. They joined together with the goal of providing Ottawa's own Tragically Hip Tribute. They offer a full repertoire of songs by The Hip, but also enjoy the odd Neil Young favorite.

Stevie Re Visited
This Brockville trio perform the ultimate tribute to the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan featuring Johnny Richards on guitar and vocals. Others have tried but this band has it down. From Testify, Rude Mood & Lenny to Telephone Song, Wall of Denial, Riviera Paradise, and the sobering "Life by the Drop", there is no better tribute to the creative style that was " Stevie Ray".

Darryl Burwash as Elvis Presley
Darryl Burwash of the Memphis Mafia performs a solo Elvis Presley Tribute show. After 25 years as an Elvis tribute artist, Darryl feels he has done his best to replicate and to bring the aura of Elvis, his music and stage personae to the public. As a performer he is committed to providing an insight and a glimpse that links him and the audience to an experience, which is the Elvis phenomena.

Nelson Colt as George Strait
From Aylmer, Quebec, Nelson is a true country artist appearing with his own four-piece band who are all C.C.M.A. (Canadian Country Music Award winners). Nelson is now presenting his "George Strait" tribute show "Pure Strait Country".

Ben Young as George Strait
Cornwall, Ontario country musician Ben Young performs the Ultimate George Strait Tribute. Ben performs the Greatest Hits. His similarities to Mr. Strait are second to none. This show is a must see.

R.J. (Bob) Gill as Waylon Jennings
When you hear Bob sing Waylons music and close your eyes, you are immediately positioned in the midst of fans at any one of the late and great performer's concerts. Bob, like Waylon, sings with a style that seems to come from the soul and reflects both the joy and the pain of a man who has experienced each. The keen understanding of the moods and sounds of the common people, of which he considers himself a part, shines through on stage and off.

Rossana Holmes as Patsy Cline
Rossana is featured in the cabaret show "Memories of Pasy" which reproduces an important snapshot in music and time: the musical legacy of the first lady of country music, Patsy Cline. "Memories of Patsy" is a show dedicated to the life and times of Patsy Cline, through her music and dialogue. 2003 was the 40th Anniversary of Patsy Cline in a terrible air crash that claimed her life, but it did not stop her memory living on through her music. Today, people of all ages enjoy her music and still love her as much as they did then. This is a tribute to her as a person and the love that she sent out to her fans.

Randy Kay as Johnny Cash
Randy Kay is a singer/songwriter from near Sharbot Lake, Ontario who portrays, with respect and reverence MR. Johnny Cash. Randy is a member of the CCMA. His own music is country, rockabilly, bluegrass and gospel. Recently he has been putting together a recording project that was meant as a recognition of the influence Johnny Cashs music has had for him. The project includes a number of Cashs songs as well as some Randy Kay originals.

Terry Lee Goffee "Train Of Love" A Tribute To Johnny Cash
Terry Lee Goffee is an Ohio based show. This is a 2-hour Theatre style Stage production where the artist portrays Johnny Cash in the first person and tells his life story woven amongst 38 Cash Hits from the beginning thru the last released song "Hurt". He talks, sings, moves, and acts like Johnny Cash for the entire show. Johnny's sister and brother attended the show in Nashville, June 6-7 2003 and sang on stage during the performance with Terry. They loved the show.

Frank M. Sternett as Barry Manilow
Frank M. Sternett is a Michigan based show. During Franks 4-hour show he blends different themes opening with the Barry Manilow set, followed in the next two or three sets with the music of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Matt Monroe, Dean Martin and the Glen Miller Band.